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MATH1902 Linear Algebra (Advanced)

General Information

MATH1902 is a Junior (or first-year) unit forming part of the Advanced Mathematics stream.

  • Credit point value: 3CP.
  • Classes per week: Two lectures and one tutorial.
  • Lecturer(s) in 2020: Nathan Brownlowe
  • Email contact address:

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Self-assessment test

Note that all students considering enrolling in Advanced Level units are strongly encouraged to try the online self-assessment test.

You may also view the description of MATH1902 in the University's course search database.

Answers to frequently asked questions

See the main junior mathematics page for information relating to all junior mathematics units, and see in particular the Junior Maths FAQ page.

Consultation Hours

Nathan Brownlowe's consultation will be at 14:00–15:00 Mondays in Carslaw 532.


Please familiarise yourself with the MATH1902 Canvas site, as you will need to visit it to submit your assignments, check your marks, and view lecture recordings. You will also gain access to the MATH1902 Ed discussion forum by clicking one of the Ed links on the Canvas site.

Online Quizzes

There are 12 weekly online quizzes, which will be run on WeBWorK. Each of these quizzes will open at 00:00 on Wednesday of each week (starting in Week 1), and will end at 23:59 on Tuesday of the following week. (So, for instance, the Week 1 quiz will open at 00:00 on Wednesday 26 February, and will end at 23:59 on Tuesday 3 March.)

Each online quiz consists of a set of randomised questions. Each week you will have a Practice Quiz and the main Quiz. You are allowed an unlimited number of attempts for each Practice Quiz, and the marks for the Practice Quiz do not count. You are allowed four attempts at the main Quiz, and your best mark will count towards your assessment. You will have one hour to complete any version of a Quiz once you have started it. Note that if you start a quiz within one hour of the closing time, you will only get the remaining time to complete it (not the full hour). After the deadline, you will be able to review your answers and view the solutions.

The best 10 of your 12 quiz marks will count, making each quiz worth 1%. You cannot apply for special consideration for the quizzes. The better-mark principle will apply for the total 10%, which means that if your overall exam mark is higher, then the mark for your quizzes will be your exam mark.

Online Resources

For enrolled students or other authorized people only, here is a link to the Canvas page for MATH1902.


14:00 – 15:00 Monday, Carslaw 532


Date*DescriptionBetter markWeighting
23:59 March 23 Assignment 1 5%
23:59 April 27 Assignment 2 5%
23:59 May 11 Assignment 3 10%
23:59 Tuesday, weeks 2-13 Webwork quizzes 10%
All dates are given in Sydney time.


David Poole, Linear Algebra: A Modern Introduction, recommended reading

Online resources

Resources Information Sheet Canvas Lecture Recordings Ed Discussion
Monday lectures Tuesday lectures Tutorials Assessment
Week 1
Brownlowe 1-1 Brownlowe 1-2 Pre-tutorial 1 questions
Tutorial 1 questions questions
Tutorial 1 questions solutions

Week 2
Brownlowe 2-1 Brownlowe 2-2 Pre-tutorial 2 questions
Tutorial 2 questions questions
Tutorial 2 questions solutions

Quiz 1
Week 3
Brownlowe 3-1 Brownlowe 3-2 Pre-tutorial 3 questions
Tutorial 3 questions questions
Tutorial 3 questions solutions

Assignment 1 - questions
Quiz 2
Week 4
Brownlowe 4-1 Brownlowe 4-2 Pre-tutorial 4 questions
Tutorial 4 questions questions
Tutorial 4 questions solutions

Quiz 3
Week 5
Brownlowe 5-1 Brownlowe 5-2 Pre-tutorial 5 questions
Tutorial 5 questions questions
Tutorial 5 questions solutions

Assignment 1 (5%)
Due 23:59 March 23

Quiz 4
Week 6
Brownlowe 6-1 Brownlowe 6-2 Pre-tutorial 6 questions
Tutorial 6 questions questions
Tutorial 6 questions solutions

Assignment 1 - solutions
Quiz 5
Week 7
Brownlowe 7-1 Brownlowe 7-2 Pre-tutorial 7 questions
Tutorial 7 questions questions
Tutorial 7 questions solutions

Assignment 2 - questions
Quiz 6
Mid-semester break
Week 8
Brownlowe 8-1 Brownlowe 8-2 Pre-tutorial 8 questions
Tutorial 8 questions questions
Tutorial 8 questions solutions
Good Friday (Friday 19 April)

Quiz 7
Week 9
Brownlowe 9-1 Brownlowe 9-2 Pre-tutorial 9 questions
Tutorial 9 questions questions
Tutorial 9 questions solutions

Assignment 2 (5%)
Due 23:59 April 27

Quiz 8
Week 10
Brownlowe 10-1 Brownlowe 10-2 Pre-tutorial 10 questions
Tutorial 10 questions questions
Tutorial 10 questions solutions

Assignment 2 - solutions
Quiz 9
Week 11
Brownlowe 11-1 Brownlowe 11-2 Pre-tutorial 11 questions
Tutorial 11 questions questions
Tutorial 11 questions solutions

Assignment 3 (10%)
Due 23:59 May 11

Quiz 10
Week 12
Brownlowe 12-1 Brownlowe 12-2 Pre-tutorial 12 questions
Tutorial 12 questions questions
Tutorial 12 questions solutions

Quiz 11
Week 13
Brownlowe 13-1 Brownlowe 13-2 Quiz 12

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