Sydney Dynamics Group

SDG Seminars in 2009

  • 20/02/09: Richard Rand (Cornell University) "Introduction to systems of phase-only oscillators with application to cardiac dynamics"
  • 06/03/09: Craig Bishop (Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey) "4DVAR data assimilation using modulated ensembles and the challenge of coupled data assimilation"
  • 20/03/09: Peter Koltai (Technische Universität München) "Transfer operators and numerics -- a collection of ideas"
  • 14/08/09: Georg Gottwald "Dispersive regularization techniques for shock-developing systems"
  • 28/08/09: Simon Lloyd "Isolated Lyapunov spectrum for Perron-Frobenius cocycles"
  • 23/10/09: Reinout Quispel (La Trobe University) "Discrete integrable systems"
  • 06/11/09: Max Skipper "Poincaré's observation and a limit theorem for projections of random walk on high dimensional spheres"
  • 20/11/09: Anthony Quas (University of Victoria) "Properties of piecewise isometries"
  • 27/11/09: David Dritschel (St Andrews) "The concept of "balance" in rotating stratified turbulent flows"
  • 04/12/09: James Atkinson "Bäcklund transformations and discrete integrable systems"

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