Sydney Dynamics Group

SDG Seminars in 2012

  • 13/01/12: Ian Melbourne (University of Surrey) "Operator renewal theory and mixing rates in infinite ergodic theory"
  • 27/01/12: Georg Gottwald "Diffusion and anomalous diffusion in spatially extended systems"
  • 09/03/12: Sheehan Olver "Sparse and stable spectral methods"
  • 16/03/12: Boris Kruglikov (University of Tromsø) "Hamiltonian integrability in geometry and relativity"
  • 30/03/12: Gary Froyland "Finite-time entropy: a probabilistic approach for measuring nonlinear stretching"
  • 10/04/12: Arieh Iserles (University of Cambridge) "Splittings, commutators and the linear Schrödinger equation"
  • 03/05/12: Jinqiao Duan (UCLA and Illinois Institute of Technology) "A glimpse of stochastic dynamics"
  • 18/05/12: Martin Wechselberger "Transonic evaporation waves in a spherical symmetric nozzle"
  • 01/06/12: Cecilia Gonzalez-Tokman (University of Victoria, Canada) "Semi-invertible Oseledets theorem for operators"
  • 03/08/12: Robert Marangell "The spectrum of periodic wavetrains in the sine-Gordon equation"
  • 17/08/12: Erik van Sebille "Lagrangian analysis of the global-scale ocean circulation"
  • 14/09/12: Andy Hammerlindl "Partial hyperbolicity in dimension three"
  • 19/09/12: Lorenz Gilch (TU Graz) "Drift and entropy of random walks on regular languages"
  • 04/10/12: Ferdinand Verhulst (University of Utrecht) "Torus bifurcations and chaos"
  • 19/10/12: Chris K.R.T. Jones (UNC Chapel Hill) "Indices and instabilities"
  • 23/10/12: Chris K.R.T. Jones (UNC Chapel Hill) "Issues arising in the assimilation of data from Lagrangian type instruments"
  • 02/11/12: Heather Reeve-Black (Queen Mary, University of London) "Near-integrable behaviour in a family of discretised rotations"
  • 21/11/12: Michael Proctor (University of Cambridge) "Dynamic bifurcations and pattern formation in melting-boundary convection"

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