Graphics software

The following graphics tools and packages are available:

NCAR Graphics

NCAR Graphics version 4 is an integrated environment for data processing and scientific visualization, containing many tools for viewing, editing and converting metafiles and images.

Hypertext documentation is available remote from NCAR.

We have a site licence for NCAR Graphics: it could be made available on other machines in the School if desired. In fact, the licence covers the whole of the University's central campus. Please email enquiries to jimr.


IDL is a ``complete computing environment for the interactive analysis and visualization of data''.

A 6-user IDL licence is available on lido. Run the program with the command idl.

IDL has its own internal help system: start this by typing a question mark at the IDL> prompt.


AVS is a data-visualization environment including a Visual Computing Toolset (data, geometry, image, graph viewers) and a Visual Application Development environment (network editor, module generator, layout editor, command language interpreter).

An unlimited licence is available on lido. Before you can run AVS, you need the following commands in your ~/.cshrc :

setenv AVS_PATH /usr/local/lib/avs
set path = ( $path $AVS_PATH/bin )
To start the program, use the command avs . Manuals are available from Charlie Macaskill.


This tool, locally developed by Mike Wilson, is in the process of being ported to the Alpha system.


gnuplot is a command-driven interactive function-plotting program. For more information, see the manual page, and the internal help available by starting the program with the gnuplot command, then issuing the help command.


This is a plotting library for Fortran programmers. A manual page is available.

See also numerical, algebraic and statistical software.

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