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Annual University site licence for S-PLUS

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S-PLUS is a software package for ``exploratory data analysis and statistical data mining'', available as S-PLUS 6 on Unix (Sun/SGI/Compaq/HP; RedHat/SuSE/... Linux) and on Windows.

The University has a site licence for S-PLUS arranged through CSIRO Mathematical & Information Sciences at $10,000 per annum (including GST). This covers all teaching and non-profit research use, though not consulting or commercial use. It allows use of S-PLUS and a number of add-on modules on University computers, and temporary home use by current staff and students of S-PLUS but not the modules (under strict recording requirements) .

The modules available for on-campus use are: FinMetrics, SpatialStats, NUOPT, Wavelets, ArcView GIS, SeqTrial and EnvironmentalStats.

Insightful Miner is also available as part of the site licence.


From 1 July 2004, the site licence will be managed by Christina French of ITS. Insightful have changed the licence terms substantially. Instead of an unlimited licence at a fixed price, licences will be charged in increments of 25 machines at a time. The NUOPT and SeqTrial modules will no longer be covered by the site licence.


For the year starting 1 July 2003, the licence contributions excluding GST are further reduced, as follows. The cost at 2001 prices that would have been necessary for separate licences are shown for comparison:

Coverage Number Contribution Separate cost
Carried forward   +$839  
Large department 1 $2900 $3636
Medium department 1 $2500 $3636
5 Windows machines 1 $830 $1545 pa after $5459 for first year
4 Windows machines 2 $710 $1236 pa after $4364 for first year
3 Windows machines 1 $560 $927 pa after $3273 for first year
2 Windows machines 1 $390 $618 pa after $2182 for first year
1 Windows machine 2 $260 $309 pa after $1091 for first year
Part-year extra contributions 1 $289  
Carried forward   -$1157  
Total   $9091  

Past rates

For the year starting 1 July 2001, there were contributions from one "large" department ($3551), one "medium" department ($3140), two departments with 3 Windows machines ($700 each), and two departments with two Windows machines ($500 each). In addition another department contributed for a trial licence.

For the year starting 1 July 2002, additional departments contributed and rates were reduced. One "large" department contributed $3190, one "medium" dpepartment $2790, three 3-machine deparmtents $620 each, one 2-machine department $440, and one 1-machine department $300.

Documents describing the licence

University Academic Licence (PDF)
Floating Network Licence (PDF)
Site licence leaflet (HTML)
Departmental licence leaflet (HTML -- for comparison)

Licence registration forms

If you are outside the School of Mathematics and Statistics, but in one of the departments which has contributed to the licence, these forms should be submitted through your departmental S-PLUS contact.

Request form for on-site standalone copy (PDF)
Request form for staff home copy (PDF)
Request form for student home copy (PDF)

Request form for staff home copy -- Mathematics & Statistics (PDF)

Joining the licence

Additional departments may join the licence either at the yearly renewal points, or in between on a pro rata basis. Further contributions would result in lowering of the rates in subsequent years.

If your department is or might be interested in contributing to and using this licence, please email Christina French.

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