Academic Site Licenses

for S-PLUS



Mathematical and

Information Sciences



Run S-PLUS on all platforms on your University site

for only $10,000/year!



Unlimited use for Teaching and Research



Includes stand alone copies for Windows or Linux

and free modules



All current versions of S-PLUS:

Professional, Standard, Network


All available platforms:

Unix, Linux, Windows


Free add-on modules:

S+GARCH, NUOPT, S+SeqTrial, S+Wavelets, S+SpatialStats, S+ArcView and EnvironmentalStats for S-PLUS



Single copies of software and documentation for all current versions are supplied. The software (S-PLUS and modules) may be installed on any number of networked and stand alone computers on the University Site. The University will be authorised to make copies as needed of the software.


Those who have already bought stand alone copies and wish to continue receiving individual updates and technical support, can continue to do so for the usual annual maintenance fee. Otherwise they may be updated through the Site License.


Home Copies

Free temporary home copies of S-PLUS (excluding modules) for research for staff and student members at the University can be included under the Site License. See the Special Conditions over the page for provision for home use.


Costs and Licensing


The annual fee for a University Site License is only $10,000 per year, including GST. A Site License is renewable each year, so the fee must be paid to continue use of all copies of S-PLUS under the license. If the payment is discontinued, all copies under the Site License must be removed from all machines.


The initial agreement with MathSoft is for a period of 3 years, with the renewal paid on an annual basis. This protects your University for any unexpected price increases for the next 2 years. The Agreement can be terminated at any time with 90 days notice.



Not Included


Modules are not to be provided with home copies, unless by prior arrangement with CSIRO for particular courses.


Extra S-PLUS manuals and module manuals must be purchased separately from CSIRO.



Special Conditions


All copies of S-PLUS, including any stand-alone copies, purchased or dispensed under the Site License are to be used strictly for teaching and research, and not for any commercial purposes, including contracted consulting.


The University is obliged to keep records of all users of stand alone copies installed at the Site, and home copies provided to staff and students. Processes must be put in place to ensure all home copies of S-PLUS under the Site License are removed at the completion of students' studies or staff employment


The University will designate a representative who will oversee the allocation and use of the stand alone copies, and report regularly to CSIRO on their usage. CSIRO can provide appropriate forms to be filled in by the User for each CD dispensed, or if the university has an ongoing preferred system of tracking these copies, we will try to accommodate you.



Orders and More Information


If you would like to discuss the details of this offer, please call Sue Clancy at CSIRO Mathematical & information Sciences, on (02) 9325 3155, fax (02) 9325 3200 or email