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Computing summary

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* mid-1970s to 1982
Computing Centre Cyber, with thermal printing terminals on modems in Carslaw

* 1982 to 1989
VMS VAX 11/780 summer shared with Chemistry and housed in Computing Centre, with printing and video terminals in Carslaw on modems then early Sydnet

* 1988 to February 1998
Apollo workstations running Domain Unix

* February 1995 to January 2002
Compaq/Digital AlphaServers with Tektronix X-terminals and Windows PCs, plus admin Novell server

* February 2002 to February 2005
transition from Alphas to Debian Linux, with Windows 2000

* February 2005 onwards
Debian Linux and Windows 2000/XP

Current set-up

* Undergraduate student computing facilities
  • 5 laboratories with about 90 Windows XP PCs
  • 2 laboratories with about 30 older PCs acting as net-booted X-terminals
  • Server: dual Intel Xeon server rome
  • Operating system: Debian Linux plus Samba
  • Software: MATLAB, Mathematica, Maple, Magma, Fortran, S-PLUS, etc
  • Printing: laser printer with page quotas
  • Web access: within usyd.edu.au only
  • Mail for undergraduates available (subject to disk quota)
  • Hours of operation: 8:30 to 16:45 during semester

* Staff and postgraduate facilities
  • All School staff and many postgraduate students have a "Y-terminal" (net-booted diskless Linux PC acting as X-terminal) or PC (Windows 2000 or XP, and/or Debian Linux perhaps with VMware) in their office
  • Interactive server: dual Intel Xeon Debian server pisa
  • Further dual Intel Debian compute servers padua, ancona, savona, verona and genoa, and RAID fileserver siena with DLT tape
  • Printing: five HP LaserJet 4xx0N on network (four duplex, one colour)
  • Network connectivity, access to web, email, School news system

* Administration
  • Small LAN for administrative staff
  • Debian Linux Samba server
  • three HP 4xx0N printers

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