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Categories and Combinatorics

Category theory is a recent branch of mathematics originating in algebraic topology, but rapidly establishing connections with algebra, logic, algebraic and differential geometry, and most recently computer science. Category theory is particularly suited to providing conceptual frameworks for mathematical areas. The most rapidly developing areas in recent years have been in computer science, quantum groups and homotopy theory. The Sydney Category Seminar is a world centre of research in Category Theory.

The main interests of the Combinatorics group concern applications of category theory to computer science, one of the hottest research areas of theoretical computer science, and to algebraic combinatorics, the name given to the recent cross-fertilization between two great areas of mathematics: algebra and combinatorics.

Research Areas
Categorical computer science, computational category theory, categories with structure, enriched category theory, braided tensor categories, quantum groups, higher dimensional categories.

Dr K. Wehrhahn (K.Wehrhahn@maths.usyd.edu.au)


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