Higher-derivative Quantum Cosmology


Simon Davis


Research Report 99-12
To appear in General Relativity and Gravitation
Date: 30 June 1999, revised 15 October and 18 November 1999


The quantum cosmology of a higher-derivative gravity theory arising from the heterotic string effective action is reviewed. A new type of Wheeler-DeWitt equation is obtained when the dilaton is coupled to the quadratic curvature terms. Techniques for solving the Wheeler-DeWitt equation with appropriate boundary conditions shall be described, and implications for semiclassical theories of inflationary cosmology will be obtained.

Key phrases

higher-derivative gravity. quantum cosmology. inflationary model. higher-order differential equations. boundary conditions.

AMS Subject classification (1991)

Primary: 83C45
Secondary: 83-06, 83E30, 83F05


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