Inflation and the Fine-Tuning Problem


Andrew Matacz


Research Report 96-38
Date: 27 Novenmber 1996


We describe a recently derived stochastic approach to inflaton dynamics which can address some serious problems associated with conventional inflationary theory.

Using this theory we derive an exact solution to the stochastic dynamics for the case of a lambda*phi^4 potential and use it to study the primordial density fluctuations. We find that on both sub and super-horizon scales the theory predicts gaussian fluctuations to a very high accuracy along with a near scale-invariant spectrum. Of most interest is that the amplitude constraint is found to be satisfied for lambda ~ 10^{-5} rather than lambda ~ 10^{-14} of the conventional theory. This represents a dramatic easing of the fine-tuning constraints, a feature likely to generalize to a wide range of potentials.

Key phrases

Cosmology. Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics.


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