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Fees, Scholarships and Other Funding


All postgraduate students who enrol in a degree course are required to pay certain compulsory fees and subscriptions. Overseas students can obtain a list of all such fees in the information provided by the International Education Office.

Australian students can obtain a list of their fees and subscriptions from the Faculty of Science Office. All postgraduate coursework degrees are full fee programs. Information about course fees, HECS liability and payment schedules (including deferment), which does vary from year to year, is provided in the faculty information booklets.


Australian and New Zealand permanent residents applying for full-time postgraduate research degrees are eligible to apply for financial aid in the form of Australian Postgraduate Awards or UPA's. Such scholarships are granted on academic merit and competition for them is very keen. Experience indicates that only students with the equivalent of a strong First Class Honours degree will be successful in gaining a postgraduate award. Award holders can supplement their scholarship by undertaking some part-time employment but there are limitations on the number of hours per week that can be spent on such activities.

A limited number of Australian Government awards are reserved for overseas students. Since the awards only cover the tuition fees, overseas students will have to ensure that they have adequate funds for their basic living needs. Some University-sponsored living allowance awards for overseas students are also available, and these too are granted on academic merit alone. In some countries there are postgraduate support schemes like AUSAID available through the Australian Embassy or High Commission. Applicants are encouraged to contact their local embassy to see if they are eligible for this type of scholarship.

Unsuccessful scholarship applicants may reapply after completing one or more years of their research. In such cases, published refereed papers and/or an MSc degree could help their cause substantially.

Information on all postgraduate awards can be obtained from the University's Research and Scholarship office (see Section 7).

Other Funding

Other sources of funding for postgraduate students are very limited. Some research supervisors may be able to provide funding via their research grant either through a grant funded scholarship or a research assistantship.

More commonly, the School of Mathematics and Statistics offers support through part-time teaching, assignment and examination marking. Unfunded students may be given preference where they can demonstrate proven ability in the required tasks.

Some support for conference travel is usually available to students from the research group to which they are assigned. The University also offers some funds for student travel to conferences.

Occasionally, a full-time or part-time teaching position (Level A, Associate Lectureship) becomes available. These positions are always advertised in the national press and are open to outside competition, but postgraduate students are eligible to apply.

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