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Master of Science (Research)

This is a research degree leading to the submission of a thesis containing a measure of originality. Minimum entry qualifications are a good higher-division second class Honours degree in a four year mathematics, statistics or related program. There is no specific coursework requirement, but individual students may be required to complete courses in subject areas regarded as relevant to their research. The minimum completion time is one year full-time and two years part-time. The corresponding maximum completion times are two years and four years respectively. Assessment is by thesis appraisal by two appointed examiners. The School's recommended academic attainment guideline for research Masters is one refereed publication in a recognized scholarly journal at some time during or as a result of their candidature.

Aspiring PhD students who do not have a First Class Honours degree and who wish to apply for a postgraduate scholarship are strongly advised to complete a Masters research degree first.

Sydney Mathematics and Statistics, July 2001