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Algebra Seminar: Pauwels -- The etale site of the stable module category of a finite group Kevin Coulembier17 Mar
PDE Seminar: Julie Clutterbuck -- On a geometric Schroedinger equation on curves Daniel Hauer14 Mar
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Stephan Tillmann (Sydney) -- Computing trisections of 4-manifolds Haotian Wu14 Mar
PDE Seminar: Clutterbuck -- On a geometric Schroedinger equation on curves Daniel Daners14 Mar
Algebra Seminar: Khare -- Entrywise functions preserving positivity: from Schur to Schoenberg, to Schur Kevin Coulembier13 Mar
Algebra Seminar: Queffelec -- Link invariants from a doubled Schur algebra Kevin Coulembier13 Mar
Statistics Seminar: Olivier -- The importance of statistics in shaping public policy Garth Tarr9 Mar
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Joel Gibson -- A Brief Introduction to Differential Forms Dominic Tate8 Mar
Algebra Seminar: Molev -- Vinberg’s problem for classical Lie algebras Kevin Coulembier7 Mar
Statistical Bioinformatics Seminar: Pascovici -- DIA/SWATH - challenges and opportunities for bioinformatics Shila Ghazanfar5 Mar
MaPSS: Maths Postgraduate Seminar Series: Zeaiter -- The Effect of Thermoregulation on Honey Bee Colony Health and Survival Dominic Tate2 Mar
Geometry and Topology Seminar: Colin Guillarmou (Faculte des Sciences d’Orsay Universite Paris-Sud) -- Boundary rigidity for non-convex domains Boris Lishak1 Mar
Macquarie University Mathematics Colloquium: Nalini Joshi -- Symmetry through geometry Stephanie Swanson28 Feb
Applied Maths Seminar: Wechselberger -- Two-stroke relaxation oscillators Eduardo Altmann27 Feb
Algebra Seminar: East -- Congruences on diagram monoids Kevin Coulembier21 Feb
Geometry and Topology Seminar: William Worden (Temple University) -- Veering triangulations: theory and experiment Boris Lishak15 Feb
Algebra Seminar: Doty -- Integral Schur-Weyl duality for partition algebras Kevin Coulembier13 Feb
Algebra Seminar: Graham -- Some Reflections on Root Systems Kevin Coulembier13 Feb
Statistics Seminar: Jorgensen -- Using routinely collected data in aged care research: a grey area Garth Tarr13 Feb
Statistics Seminar: Swartz -- A buffet of problems in sports analytics Garth Tarr11 Feb
Joint Colloquium: Vinet -- $osp(1,2)$, the Bannai-Ito Algebra and Generalizations Leo Tzou2 Feb
Algebra Seminar: Bufetov -- On the Vershik-Kerov Conjecture Concerning Typical Dimensions of Representations of Finite Symmetric Groups Kevin Coulembier1 Feb
Statistics Seminar: Victoria-Feser -- A prediction divergence criterion for model selection and classification in high dimensional settings Garth Tarr31 Jan
Joint Colloquium: Tracy -- Beyond the Bell-Shaped Curve: A New Universal Law Leo Tzou11 Jan
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Jonathan Zhu (Harvard) -- Entropy and self-shrinkers of the mean curvature flow Haotian Wu1 Dec
Joint Colloquium: Makowsky -- Integer Sequences Arising from Graph Polynomials: An Application of a Theorem by C. Blatter and E. Specker Leo Tzou16 Nov
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Ofer Shwartz (Weizmann Institute of Science) -- Thermodynamic Formalism for Countable Markov Shifts Haotian Wu1 Nov
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Changwei Xiong (ANU) -- Homotopy type of manifolds with partially positive curvature Haotian Wu6 Oct
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Qirui Li (ANU) -- Minkowski type problems in convex geometry Haotian Wu6 Oct
Joint Colloquium: Kim -- Modelling evolution of post-menopausal human longevity: The Grandmother Hypothesis Leo Tzou3 Oct
Geometry & Topology Seminar: Daniel Mathews (Monash) -- Plane graphs, special alternating links, and contact geometry Haotian Wu3 Oct
Joint Colloquium: Williamson -- Challenges in the representation theory of finite groups Leo Tzou25 Sep
Joint Colloquium: Ghoussoub -- On the structure of optimal martingale transport plans in general dimensions Leo Tzou22 Sep
Joint Colloquium: Nikshych -- The Witt group of braided fusion categories Leo Tzou12 May
Joint Colloquium: Shige Peng -- Data-based Quantitative Analysis under Nonlinear Expectations Leo Tzou2 Apr
Joint Colloquium: Wilkinson -- Robust mechanisms for chaos Leo TzouMar 17
Joint Colloquium: Masoud Kamgarpour -- Symmetries in mathematics: a personal perspective Alexander FishMar 14
Joint Colloquium: Prof. Xiao Zhang -- Some Geometrical Problems in General Relativity Alexander FishMar 14
Joint Colloquium: Bursztyn -- Lie theory and geometry of groupoids Alexander FishJan 14
Joint Colloquium: Henrik Kragh Sørensen -- Abel’s exception, history of infinity and cognitive accounts of mathematics: One chance fumbled and another one missed Alexander FishJan 14
AGR Seminar: Prof. George Willis -- Amenability, measure and randomness in groups Alexander FishNov 13
Joint Colloquium: Coquereaux -- From the representation theory of compact Lie groups and their finite subgroups to modular fusion categories associated with affine Lie algebra at some level (or quantum groups at roots of unity) and their module-categories Alexander FishOct 13
Joint Colloquium: Dykema -- Invariant suspaces and upper triangular forms for classes of infinite dimensional operators Alexander FishOct 13
Joint Colloquium: Xiaodong Cao -- Ricci flow, Einstein manifolds and Ricci solitons Alexander FishOct 13
Joint Colloquium: Dyer -- The counting constraint satisfaction problem Alexander FishMay 13
Joint Colloquium: Sukhendu Mehrotra -- Noncommutative K3 surfaces Alexander FishMay 13
Joint Colloquium: Anthony Licata -- Positivity and integrality from higher representation theory Alexander FishApr 13
Joint Colloquium: Palsson -- k-point configurations and multilinear generalised Radon transforms Alexander FishApr 13
MATH2917 Presentations -- Geometry and Topology of Surfaces Stephan TillmannSep 12

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