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CalTitle1: Draft ERA 2012 Journal List
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Draft ERA 2012 Journal List: Correction

Message from Dr Adam Butler:

Last week you would have received an email from me asking for feedback
on the DRAFT ERA2012 Journal List. I wrote that feedback should be sent
to the ARC directly.

This was a mistake on my behalf. Your feedback should be emailed back to
me as soon as possible so that the University can formulate a
co-ordinated reply.

I apologise for the confusion that this has caused.

If your academics have already contacted the ARC I would appreciate that
I be sent a copy of the email for our records.

A reminder that comments close on the DRAFT Journal list on the 19th

apologies and regards, 

DR ADAM BUTLER | Manager Research Performance Analysis and ERA Liaison
RADS | Research Portfolio

Level 6, Jane Foss Russell Building, G02 | The University of Sydney |
NSW | 2006
T +61 2 8627 8166   
E < >   |
W < > 

The draft ERA 2012 Journal List has now been released by the ARC and is available at 

The List incorporates feedback received
during the public consultation period held between 14 February and 4 April 2011.  

The ARC is providing an opportunity for final comment to ensure that the list is
correct.  As outlined on the ERA consultation page, suggested changes will be considered
if they are accompanied by the ERA ID, journal title, ISSN and supporting evidence.

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