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AMSI Summer School 2017 - Registration deadline

As many of you would already know, our School will be hosting the 2017 AMSI Summer
School, January 9 to February 3, 2017, the biggest national event for Australian
students in the mathematical sciences.  The website is here: 

Registration is **now open** and will close on December 4, 2016.  Please pass on this
information and web address to any potentially interested and suitable students.  There
are earlier deadlines for those students applying for travel support and accommodation,
which would not apply to students at this University. For suitable students from this
School, registration will be paid by the School: **email me** to find out how. 

The Summer School is primarily for Honours and postgraduate students (including incoming
such students).  Students who would like to count an AMSI Summer School course for
credit towards their Honours degree need to obtain permission from the relevant Honours
coordinator first.  

The eight courses range over applied mathematics, pure mathematics and statistics, and
include the following three courses given by staff of this University.  For the full
list and further information, see the website above.  

- Geometric Group Theory (Anne Thomas, in collaboration with Lawrence Reeves) 

- Mathematical Biology (Mary Myerscough) 

- Optimisation (Michelle Dunbar from the Sydney Medical School) 

I would like to thank these colleagues and all the lecturers for agreeing to take part
in this exciting festival of academic excellence.  

More information about associated events (e.g.  a public lecture and a series of
lunch-time lectures) will be posted in separate scnews items when details are known.  

Anthony Henderson 

Director, AMSI Summer School 2017

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