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CalTitle1: Summer School 2017 Lecturing and Tutoring Expressons of Interest

Summer School 2017 Lecturing and Tutoring Expressions of Interest

The following Summer School units of study in Mathematics and Statistics will be offered in 2017:

Teaching commences from Friday 6 January 2017 for some units of study,and Monday 9 January or Tuesday 10 January for others, and lasts for six weeks. There is a short examination period and results need to be finalised by the first week of March 2017.

If you would like to give lectures and/or tutorials, for which you would be remunerated at standard casual rates, please download and print this expression of interest.

This form should be filled out and returned to David Easdown's pigeonhole by Monday 19 September.

You should attach a brief curriculum vitae and contact details for two referees if you have never taught at Summer School before.

A provisional teaching allocation for the Summer School should be finalised by about the first week of October. Those wanting to be on a reserve list only are also most welcome to submit an expression of interest. Those appointed to lecturing positions may need to be available in December to make appropriate preparations and manage course webpages.

David Easdown (Acting Summer School Coordinator), 31 August 2016

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