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Calendar1: 13 Oct 2009 1200-1700
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Talks by shortlisted candidates for pure maths lectureship

Some of the shortlisted candidates for the lectureship
in pure mathematics will be giving talks on Tuesday
October 13 and Wednesday October 14. Some other candidates
will be talking later.

All staff are encouraged to attend these talks, and
are invited to provide feedback on them to the
Selection Committee (Nalini, Andrew, Donald).

I do not have any titles for these talks, but will
edit this scnews item if titles become available.

These candidates, and where they are currently working, are:
Vanessa Miemietz (Oxford)
Anne Thomas      (Oxford)
Cristian Virdol  (Columbia)

All the talks are in Room 535.

Research Talks. Tuesday October 13:

12 - 1: Miemietz
 3 - 4: Thomas
 4 - 5: Virdol
Teaching talks. Wednesday October 14:
11    - 11:30 Miemietz
 1    -  1:30 Thomas
 1:45 -  2:15 Virdol

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