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SUMS Meeting: Zhu -- Embarrassing questions and Guns

Hello SUMS members, 

I must say that Ivan’s talk last week was a resounding success, by my standards anyway.
Apologies to Ivan and everyone else for the interruptions made by me halfway through the
talk, I think for future talks we will have a pre-organised intermission halfway

Speaking of future talks, we have another one this week, this time by a statistics PhD
student, Jenny Zhu.  Jenny is no stranger to SUMS, having given talks in past years,
although this week will be a new one.  Her abstract: 

"Asking embarrassing questions and shooting your friends are common problems we all
face.  Studying Statistics helps.  In this talk, we motivate the problem of estimating
the success probability from a Binomial random variable when the number of trials is
random.  Also we give an example of when we might prefer to obtain a solution to a
problem computationally." 

Feel free to come along, eat some food and have a good time! 

Talk: Embarrassing questions and GUNS 
Speaker: Jenny Zhu 
Location: Carslaw 452
Date/Time: Wednesday March 18, 1-2pm 

Hope to see you there.  

SUMS President 

"I would never kill somebody.  Unless they pissed me off." - Eric Cartman

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