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Calendar1: 3 Dec 2007 1300-1400
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SPECIAL KCDC Seminar: Ken De Jong -- Evolutionary Design: Lessons from Biology

You are kindly invited to attend the SPECIAL KCDC seminar Monday 3rd
December. The event is sponsored by COSNet.

Monday 3 December 2007 1-2PM
University of Sydney, Wilkinson Building, ALT 2

Architecture Lecture Theatre 2

Ken De Jong

Evolutionary Design:  Lessons from Biology

Much of the use of evolutionary computation methods in engineering design
has focused on design optimization, i.e., tuning the parameters of a design
to improve its characteristics with respect to one or more metrics.  A more
challenging problem is the use of evolutionary computation techniques at an
earlier "conceptual design" stage.  Here, taking additional inspiration from
nature in the form of "generative representations" appears to be the most
promising approach.  In this presentation I will discuss this approach in
some detail and give examples of the state-of-the-art.

Ken De Jong has done fundamental work in developing evolutionary systems and
genetic algorithms in particular. John Holland, the founder of evolutionary
systems, was his doctoral supervisor. His current research is on adaptive
systems, the application of evolutionary algorithms to the problem of
learning task programs in domains such as robotics, diagnostics, navigation
and game playing. He is also interested in experience-based learning in
which systems must improve their performance while actually performing the
desired tasks in environments not directly under their control or the
control of a benevolent teacher. This work includes the evolution of agents
in a very large scale agent environment. Support for these projects is
provided by DARPA, the US Office of Naval Research, and the US Naval
Research Lab.

Ken De Jong is currently a Professor of Computer Science, head of the
Evolutionary Computation Laboratory, and Associate Director of the Krasnow
Institute for Advanced Study at George Mason University and is the founding
editor-in-chief of the journal Evolutionary Computation (MIT Press), and a
member of the board of ACM SIGEVO.

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