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Postgraduate Seminar: Bourke/Discussion

3pm Carslaw 157 Tuesday 13th October 

Hi all, 

 This Tuesday we have one speaker (John Bourke - abstract below), after which we will be
having a discussion/feedback session about the postgraduate seminar.  Food and drink
will be provided, as usual.  

 See you there! 



Speaker: John Bourke 

Title: The simplicial category 

The simplicial category is easily pictured, its objects are finite totally ordered sets
(one of size n for each natural number); morphisms are order preserving functions
between them.  It also has higher categorical structure, for instance it is a monoidal
category (has a notion of tensor product), and higher structure still (which I will
discuss).  The category is named after, and most well known, for its relationship with
topology.  I will however discuss some of its properties on the algebra side (time
pending), and will mention "monads" which I study.  The talk will be expository.

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