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Calls for (female) speakers for SUMS

Dear all, I was asked by the Sydney University Mathematics Society (SUMS) to pass on an
invitation for seminar speakers.  

One of the major new initiative by SUMS this year is to have 50% female speakers for
their weekly seminar.  Any topic relating to mathematics and statistics will be welcomed
and the new SUMS President has promised prioritisation of female speakers on scheduling
and free T-shirts.  

This inviation is not limited to postgradaute students but also to the Honours students
and staff members.  


Dear fellow postgraduate students, 

As you are no doubt aware that with the first semester of undergraduate studies fast
approaching, SUMS is once again looking for speakers at its weekly talks.  This year, I
wish to extend a formal invitation to all postgraduate students to apply to give a talk
at SUMS.  We hope that you may share your experience or achievements with the current
undergraduate students.  As a sign of gratitude, SUMS will be giving a free T-shirt of
your choice from existing stock to every speaker this year.  

I especially encourage female postgraduate students to come forward and take up this
invitation.  The gender imbalance problem in mathematics is well-known and this year
SUMS plans to address this problem at the undergraduate level.  By giving a talk, you
will show other undergraduate female mathematicians that they are not alone in
possessing a passion for mathematics.  

I understand that there may be challenges.  Postgraduate studies can be hard, and it can
be time-consuming to organise a good talk.  For most of us SUMS has been a tremendous
source of inspiration to continue pursuing our passion in mathematics.  Therefore, I
urge you to consider giving back to this great community by returning to inspire the
next generation.  

If you are interested in giving a talk, please send an email to  Hazel is our Vice-President and she is organising the talks
for this semester.  You may also contact her if you have any questions.  

I wish you all the best of luck for the rest of your studies and endeavours.  

John Su President SUMS 

16 February 2019

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