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SUMS - Calls for (female) speakers

Dear all, The Sydney University Mathematics Society (SUMS) is looking for seminar
speakers for semester 2.  

If you or if you know someone who can present on an interesting mathematics topic that
is accessible for undergraduates, please contact me! 

In particular, we are interested in getting more female speakers for our seminar
series.  We have a good number of female audience members but only 1 or 2 female
speakers per semester.  We are working very hard to get this number up.  If you know
someone who is available, please do encourage them to consider this.  

A typical talk should be 30-40 minutes in length.  SUMS meet every Thursday 1pm-2pm
during teaching semester.  If you let me know of your nominated date, I will make every
effort to accommodate that.  

My email is 

Thank you, Kevin

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