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Seminar -- Call for SUMS Speakers

Hi all Maths/Stats Postgrads, In 2017, I am the President of SUMS (Sydney University
Maths Society), and I am inviting you to give a seminar for us! 

The topic can be anything from the purest of pure maths to the most applied of applied
statistics; it is totally up to you what sort of maths you wish to present! And you can
get a free SUMS T-shirt (subject to size availability)! The seminars are usually 30
minutes in length with a group of maths undergraduates.  

For Honours/Masters/PhD/Postdocs, this is a great platform to practise your presentation
skills and introduce yourself, and give fellow students and academics an insight into
your particular field.  

For staff, this is an excellent opportunity to get to teach some fun and interesting
caveats that you might not be able to talk about during your lectures! (Plus, it will be
a great way to lure brilliant students away from Physics!) 

Female participants are strongly encouraged! 

You can also have a look on for some past

You can find me via or in Carslaw Room 807.  

Best wishes, Kevin

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