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Image reconstruction from partial information

All imaging devices exibit limitations, either due to sensor
physical design constraints, or to the time constraints limiting
the aquisition of an image of acceptable quality. With the newly
emerging technologies operating in the millimetre and Terahertz
frequency domains, these limitations become even more severe.
For many practical  applications, it is necessary to obtain
images at higher  resolutions than  those intrinsically
supported by a  particular  imaging device. While  several image
upsampling  techniques have been  proposed in the literature, all
suffer from various drawbacks, and the issue of how to obtain an optimal
reconstruction is still an open  question.
This project would suit a candidate with good mathematical
backgroud, preferably  in Harmonic Analysis,
interested to  apply and  extend his skills into the area of
digital image processing. Good  programming skills in Matlab
and/or C/C++ are desirable. 
It is expected that the candidate would have secured (or about
to get) an APA  scholarship. CSIRO could provide a top-up
 scholarship, valued  at $8000 per  year, for the right

For more details contact Dr. Dan Popescu
e-mail :
Telephone : 9372 4558

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