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Casual Work - MapleTA Quiz Development


I’ve decided to use some of my teaching award to pay for casual work in MapleTA

Expressions of interest are welcome from retired staff, casual tutors, students,
research assistants and others (make sure you are allowed to do casual work!).  

I will provided training in how to use MapleTA.  An aptitude for programming (of the
Maple/Mathematica/Matlab type) would be useful, and I would appreciate personality types
with a healthy balance of attention to detail and respect for deadlines.  

I may employ more than one person, and if I have the luxury of choice will give
preference to those who are in a position to use any skills they develop to benefit the
school in future years (i.e.  if you are about to disappear overseas soon you will be
lower on my priority list but ask anyway).  

Please contact me if you are interested and we can negotiate hours, a job description,
pay rates etc.  

Leon Poladian

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