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Important ---> Show your loyalty to GLEBE

If you have ever enjoyed any aspect of Glebe (like its cafes, restaurants, shops), lived
there yourself or know someone who has, then please take the time to educate yourself
about the important role played by the Glebe Youth Service (GYS) and help save it.  

Whether you are generously left-leaning and deeply care about society and those
individuals who are helped by GYS, or you are selfishly right-leaning and want to enjoy
your fine-dining in peace and safety and maintain the financial security of
restauranteers in Glebe, YOU will want to save the GYS.  

Read more here, 

sign the online petition

or even join the rally.  

I’ve lived in Glebe since the age of 2 and have seen the best and the worst.  At the
worst of times (some decades past) close friends of mine have been punched in the face,
handbags stolen, cars vandalised and I’ve been intimated by a young punk with a knife.  
People I don’t know have suffered worse, and gang violence has even led to a few deaths.
We don’t want those times returning.

At the best of times, Glebe is a really close-knit village community, where shop-owners
ask about the health of family members, and former students greet you with a smile 
and share stories of bygone maths lectures.  

SPREAD THE WORD, make sure everyone knows about the fate of GYS.  Save GYS, Save Glebe.

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