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NTEU Workload Formula Meeting

All faculties at the University of Sydney have developed and submitted an academic
teaching workload allocation policy to the Academic Workload Monitoring Committee
(AWMC).  These policies vary significantly across the University, with teaching
activities often categorised according to local, historical custom.  This diversity
makes it very difficult to compare the calculation and distribution of workloads by
faculty across the University.  

The NTEU is therefore proposing a model formula for calculating and allocating teaching
workloads that may be applied across the University towards the achievement of equity in
academic employment.  The union will seek to establish and implement the formula through
the Academic Workload Monitoring Committee, the membership of which includes 4 NTEU
representatives.  The Committee’s discussions will be extended to include the
University’s Senior Executive Group.  If there is support from the membership, this
issue can also be put forward as a demand during enterprise bargaining.  

It is important that the NTEU representatives have the support of the membership for a
university-wide workload formula before seeking to introduce it to the AWMC.  We
therefore invite members to read the proposed model and to attend an NTEU Members’
Meeting at 1 pm on Wednesday, May 30 to provide feedback on the formula.  

The Draft NTEU Academic Workload Formula is available to download from our website.

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