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The ALTC Quantitative Skills Project


 “The state of the mathematical sciences and related quantitative disciplines in
Australia has deteriorated to a dangerous level, and continues to deteriorate.” –
Professor Gavin Brown, 2009 

Simply stated, quantitative skills relate to numbers and how they are used for
measuring, recording and analysing data for instances, or performing mathematical or
statistical calculations.  Quantitative skills (QS) provide an important foundation in
many areas of higher education including Science (ie Physics, Chemistry, Biology),
Engineering and Mathematics.  

Recent research suggests that the level of quantitative skills (QS) in science need to
be significantly improved.  As a starting point, the QS in Science project will
collaborate with Australian and international universities, looking for science programs
that produce better skilled science graduates.  

There are over a dozen case studies online already.  

If interested, please have a look at the case study from Sydney Uni (especially the
graphic half-way down the webpage) 

This case study is up to date as of September 2011.  The interviews to gather this data
were conducted in May 2011 with further communications in August 2011.

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