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NSW ANZIAM One Day Meeting

The New South Wales branch of ANZIAM will hold a one-day meeting on Tuesday 21st
November at the University of Wollongong (building 3, room 121).  

The meeting will run from approximately 10am to 5.30pm.  

A small registration fee will be charged to help cover the costs of morning/afternoon
tea and lunch.  These have not been finalised yet.  

Full Fee.  $30 
ANZIAM member.  $15 
Student giving a presentation $ 0 
ANZIAM student not giving a presentation $ 5 
Student not giving a presentation $10 

If you would like to give a presentation or are planning on attending please contact
Mark Nelson ( or Marianito Rodrigo ( 

Organisers ---------- 

A/P Mark Nelson Centre for Multidisciplinary Mathematical Modelling, School of
Mathematics and Applied Statistics.  

Dr Marianito Rodrigo Centre for Mathematical Biology and Medicine, School of Mathematics
and Applied Statistics.

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