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2010 AMSI AGR Honours Maths Subject Offerings

A preliminary timetable for the courses being offered in the access grid room for 2010 has been released. This timetable will updated throughout the year as more information becomes available. In particular, times for the AGR courses can be found by following this link.

Below is the list of courses that are currently being offered in the AGR. Additional courses may be added to this list later in the year, especially for semester 2.

Institution Semester 1
Semester 2
La Trobe University - Statistical Inference 
University of South Australia Financial Time Series Harmonic Analysis
University of Wollongong Advanced Data Analysis - STAT904 Statistical Consulting
Applied Bayesian Methods -STAT373
Total Quality Management -STAT374
Advanced Financial Mathematics
Macquarie University Analysis -
Monash University   -   -
RMIT University Time Series Analysis   -
University of Newcastle General Relativity
Discrete Optimization
Topological Groups
Experimental Mathematics or Convex Functional Analysis
Advanced OR
University of Sydney
Commutative Algebra
Modern Asymptotics and Perturbation Theory
Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics 
University of Southern Queensland   -   -
Victoria University   - Cryptography, Computer and Network Security  
University of Technology, Sydney   - Boundary Value Problems 
University of Auckland   -   -

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