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Calendar1: 13 May 2013 1500-1600
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CalTitle1: AGR Seminar: Conditions for zero duality gap in convex programming
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AGR Seminar

Conditions for zero duality gap in convex programming

A/Prof Regina Burachik, The University of South Australia

Host venue
University of South Australia

We introduce and study a new dual condition which characterizes zero duality gap in nonsmooth convex optimization. We prove that our condition is weaker than all existing constraint qualifications, including the closed epigraph condition. Our dual condition was inspired by, and is weaker than, the so-called Bertsekas? condition for monotropic programming problems. We give several corollaries of our result and special cases as applications. We pay special attention to the polyhedral and sublinear cases, and their implications in convex optimization.This research is a joint work with Jonathan M. Borwein and Liangjin Yao.

Seminar convenor
Yalcin Kaya


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