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AGR Seminar

Finding Interpolating Curves Using Optimal Control

Dr. C Yalcin Kaya

Date & Time Monday 5 November, 2.30 PM (South Australia time)

Host Venue The University of South Australia

Abstract We study the problem of finding an interpolating curve passing through prescribed points in the Euclidean space. The interpolating curve minimizes the pointwise maximum length, i.e., L∞-norm, of its acceleration. We re-formulate the problem as an optimal control problem and employ simple but effective tools of optimal control theory. We characterize solutions associated with singular (of infinite order) and nonsingular controls. We reduce the infinite dimensional interpolation problem to an ensuing finite dimensional one and derive closed form expressions for interpolating curves. Consequently we devise numerical techniques for finding interpolating curves and illustrate these techniques on examples.

Seminar Convenor A/Prof Regina Burachik

If you are interested in attending this seminar in our access grid room then please check to see if the grid is already booked at this time and let Robert Pearson know that you would like to attend.

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