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Calendar1: 10 Sep 2013 1500-1600
CalLoc1: AGR Seminar
CalTitle1: AGR Seminar: Measure theoretic results for small linear forms
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AGR Seminar

Measure theoretic results for small linear forms

Dr Mumtaz Hussain (La Trobe University)

Host venue
University of Newcastle (CARMA)


I will talk about the metrical theory of Diophantine approximation associated with linear forms that are simultaneously small in terms of absolute value rather than the classical nearest integer norm. In other words, we consider linear forms which are simultaneously close to the origin. A complete Khintchine-Groshev type theorem for monotonic approximating functions is established within the absolute value setup. Furthermore, the Hausdorff measure generalization of the Khintchine-Groshev type theorem is obtained. As a consequence we obtain the complete Hausdorff dimension theory. Staying within the absolute value setup, we prove that the corresponding set of badly approximable vectors is of full dimension.

Seminar convenor
Liangjin Yao


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