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Calendar1: 20 May 2013 1500-1600
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CalTitle1: AGR Seminar: Cyclic Douglas-Rachford Iterations
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AGR Seminar

Cyclic Douglas-Rachford Iterations

Matt Tam, CARMA, The University of Newcastle

Host venue
University of Newcastle (CARMA)

In this talk we introduce a Douglas-Rachford inspired projection algorithm, the cyclic Douglad-Rachford iteration scheme. We show, unlike the classical Douglas-Rachford scheme, that the method can be applied directly to convex feasibility problems in Hilbert space without recourse to a product space formulation. Initial results, from numerical experiments comparing our methods to the classical Douglas-Rachford scheme, are promising.This is joint work with Prof. Jonathan Borwein.

Seminar convenor
Fran Aragon


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