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CalLoc1: AGR Seminar
CalTitle1: AGR Seminar: Hankel Determinants Reduced to Naught
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AGR Seminar

Hankel Determinants Reduced to Naught

Mr Daniel Sutherland (CARMA, The University of Newcastle)

Host venue
University of Newcastle (CARMA)


In this talk we shall investigate some properties of the Hankel determinant and prove some technical results. It will be seen that the concept of a Pad=E9 approximant provides us with an avenue to apply some of our discoveries. By taking advantage of a familiar Hankel determinant we shall employ Pad=E9 approximation to an appropriately constructed power series to demonstrate an exotic proof of the irrationality of log(2). We will comment on recent attempts to extend this proof to more ambitious targets and where this work may lead to in the future.

Seminar convenors
Liangjin Yao

AGR technical support
David Allingham


If you would like to attend this seminar in our access grid room then please check to see if the grid is already booked at this time and send an email to to let the CSOs know that you would like to attend.

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