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Calendar1: 26 Nov 2012 1400-1500
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CalTitle1: AGR Seminar: Geometric Methods for the Integration of PDEs
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AGR Seminar

Geometric Methods for the Integration of PDEs

Prof Geoff Prince (LTU and AMSI)

Host Venue
La Trobe University

Unlike ordinary differential equations the contact distribution associated to PDEs is not Frobenius integrable. So the first problem to be overcome in geometrically describing their solution is to find the smallest integrable distributions containing this contact distribution. In this talk I describe work done with Naghmana Tehseen on this problem and on the subsequent production of group invariant solutions. This talk assumes only basic exterior calculus.

Seminar Convenor
Dr Yury Nikolayevsky


If you are interested in attending this seminar in our access grid room then please check to see if the grid is already booked at this time and let Robert Pearson know that you would like to attend.

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