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CalTitle1: AGR Seminar: Mock theta functions
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AGR Seminar

Mock theta functions

Prof Wadim Zudilin (University of Newcastle)

Host venue
University of Newcastle (CARMA)


In his deathbed letter to G.H. Hardy, Ramanujan gave a vague definition of a mock modular function: at each root of unity its asymptotics matches the one of a modular form, though a choice of the modular function depends on the root of unity. Recently Folsom, Ono and Rhoades have proved an elegant result about the match for a general family related to Dyson?s rank (mock theta) function and the Andrews?Garvan crank (modular) function. In my talk I will outline some heuristics and elementary ingredients of the proof.

Seminar convenor
Liangjin Yao


If you would like to attend this seminar in our access grid room then please check to see if the grid is already booked at this time and send an email to to let the CSOs know that you would like to attend.

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