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CalTitle1: AGR Seminar: Network Congestion Control with Markovian Multipath Routing
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AGR seminar

Network Congestion Control with Markovian Multipath Routing

Roberto Cominetti

Apologies for the late notice.  

Title: Network Congestion Control with Markovian Multipath Routing 

Speaker: Roberto Cominetti, Departamento de Ingenierķa Industrial, Universidad de Chile 

Date: Tuesday 8 February 2011 Time: 4.00pm AEST Place: V206 - Via access grid 

Abstract We describe an integrated model for TCP/IP protocols with multipath routing.
The model combines a Network Utility Maximization for rate control, with a Markovian
Traffic Equilibrium for routing.  This yields a cross-layer design in which sources
minimize the expected cost of sending flows, while routers distribute the incoming flow
among the outgoing links according to a discrete choice model.  We prove the existence
of a unique equilibrium state, which is characterized as the solution of an
unconstrained strictly convex program of low dimension.  A distributed algorithm for
solving this optimization problem is proposed, with a brief discussion of how it can be
implemented by adapting current Internet protocols.  

All welcome to attend 

Enquiries to: Juliane Turner, 
Executive Assistant, 
University of Newcastle 

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