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CalTitle1: AMSI - CARMA Workshop via grid room
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AMSI - CARMA Workshop -- AMSI - CARMA Workshop via grid room

Exploratory Experimentation and Computation in Number Theory

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Title: The Arithmetic of Uniform Random Walks

Speaker: Professor Jonathan Borwein, University of Newcastle

Abstract: Professor Borwein is a leading expert in analysis, number theory and one of the creators of experimental mathematics. He is known for an incredible number of contributions which relate special functions and integrals to the world of the numbers and mathematical constants. He will lecture on the arithmetic of uniform random walks.

Keynote 2. Title: Identities for Modular Forms
Speaker: Professor Heng Huat Chan, National University of Singapore
Abstract: Professor Chan is well known for his prominent contributions to the areas influenced by Ramanujan. His lecture will be devoted to identities for modular forms.

Keynote 3.
Title: Congruences for Modular Functions
Speaker: Professor Frank Garvan, University of Florida
Abstract: Professor Garvan is a worldwide specialist in q-series with numerous applications to number theory and combinatorics. He will report on congruences for modular functions.

Times & Dates: TBA during Wednesday 7 July Friday 9 July 2010
Venue: via AGR, from the University of Newcastle
Please contact David Allingham [] at CARMA for technical details concerning the AGR connection.

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