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AMSI Industry Internship Program

AMSI runs an Industry Internship program that aims to promote the uptake of maths and stats skills by encouraging business entities (this includes govt departments) to part with $3K per month to support an intern to work on a relevant research problem for 3 to 5 months.

Internship program details: if you have

You are eligible to apply. AMSI will help you find any missing partner(s).

AMSI will tip in an extra $5K for an academic mentor (often the post grads supervisor) to keep an eye on things and to assist the staff member develop a partnership with an industry partner that could conceivably turn into a Linkage grant application or a straight out consulting project.

For more information on the AMSI industry Internship program please see or contact Dr Thomas Montague, the AMSI Industry / Marketing Manager.

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