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Australian Museum Eureka Prizes -- Jean and Mary finalists

On behalf of the School I would like to congratulate Mary Myerscough and Jean Yang. They are members of different teams that are finalists in different categories in the 2015 Eureka Prizes

University of New South Wales Eureka Prize for Scientific Research The Bee Team (Mary), Macquarie University and University of Sydney
The Bee Team has identified a mechanism for the mysterious population collapses in bee hives that have impacted honey bees worldwide. Understanding the process of bee colony collapse is now yielding new methods to identify at-risk colonies and techniques to support bee populations for pollination and sustainable food production.

Excellence in Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Biocode (Jean), University of Sydney; CSIRO; and Garvan Institute of Medical Research
The BioCode project used ‘omics’ approaches to unravel, in unprecedented detail and clarity, the insulin/IGF1 signalling pathway that plays essential roles in health, obesity and diseases such as diabetes. The BioCode team have developed innovative analysis and visualisation methods that will benefit researchers in many areas of life science.

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