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Call for applications - Poincaré Chair (2016/2017)

The Poincaré chair offers young promising researchers ideal working conditions to develop their audacious research projects and base their international recognition.

The Henri Poincaré Institute (IHP, Paris 5th) is inviting applications for the Poincaré Chair, a programme that enables exceptionally talented young mathematicians to make the most of their qualities thanks to excellent working conditions.

The Poincaré Chair owes its establishment, and its funding for the next four years, to the Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI, Providence, Rhode Island) and the prize money it awarded for the resolution of the Poincaré Conjecture.

This 6 month or 1 year research program is open to all research thematic in mathematics. Without having to teach, the candidates whose research project meets the required conditions can count on the administrative team of the IHP to organize courses or any other activity of knowledge diffusion.

Trips in France and in Europe are encouraged, while trips around the world must be scientifically motivated. The winners receive an attractive salary that entirely provides for their needs during their stay in Paris (...)

How to apply ?

Each candidate must submit a file including the following documents: Submission deadline: 1st of June 2015 (you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 2 weeks after your application has been received).

See the Poincaré chair webpage for more details.

The results announcement is scheduled for September of the current year in order to start in September the following year.

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