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CalTitle1: Does the lecture have a future?
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Faculty Forum

Does the lecture have a future?

Prof Adam Bridgeman

The lecture is at the centre of the way in which we teach, organise our teaching workloads and think about our curricula. With many alternative mediums available for students to obtain information, they are increasingly voting with their feet and attendance is generally declining at conventional lectures. Should we continue to think about the lecture as we currently do? Is to time to drop the lecture altogether or radically re-consider its role? How can we respond and develop as teachers to teach students who have grown up with 'always on' devices?

In this forum, we will discuss these issues and hear about the results from the Educational Innovation Grant funded project in Chemistry and Geosciences to re-imagine the lecture format. The forum will run from 1-2pm.

From 2 onwards, you are invited to hear about the innovations being trialled by the participants of the Faculty's Peer Review of Teaching scheme for new lecturers and discuss how we can incorporate innovations and different approaches into our classes to increase student engagement and success.

All staff are encouraged to attend, no RSVP required.

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