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Geordie Williamson awarded ECM Prize 2016

European Congress of Mathematics Prize 2016

Congratulations to Geordie for being awarded one of the 2016 EMS Prizes for "outstanding young researchers".


For his fundamental contributions to representation theory of Lie algebras and algebraic groups, for example, with the elegant proof of Soergel’s conjecture on bimodules associated to Coxeter groups and the counter-examples to expected bounds in Lusztig’s conjectured character for rational representations of algebraic groups.

Research Interests

Geordie Williamson is working in the field of representation theory of Lie algebras and algebraic groups. As a slogan for that he claims: "Don’t underestimate symmetry." His results include proofs and re-proofs of some long-standing conjectures, as well as spectacular counterexamples to the expected bounds in others.

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