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CalTitle1: Scholarships for 3rd or 4th year undergraduate students for 8 week projects
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Scholarships for 3rd or 4th year undergraduate students for 8 week projects in NZ

This is a notice about a good opportunity for bright senior undergraduate students 
to make a short visit to New Zealand in the middle of this year. 

The University of Auckland's Faculty of Science will award six mid-year scholarships 
in 2012, to 3rd or 4th year undergraduate students (from anywhere in the world) who 
want to come to Auckland to undertake eight weeks of research on projects directed 
by academic staff here in June/July/August 2012. 

It is possible that arrangements could be made for the projects to be credit-bearing in 
the home universities of successful applicants. A short project report will be required.

The six scholarships will be awarded across all science subjects.  We might get one 
or two in Mathematics, if there are good candidates. 

Each scholarship is worth $NZ5000 (about 3000 Euros, or US$4000). 

The first 70% of this will be paid on arrival, with the remainder paid upon completion 
of a satisfactory report about the work.  Successful applicants will be required to fund 
all expenses not covered by this money.  Assistance in finding accommodation in 
Auckland will be provided, as will assistance with visa applications if necessary. 
Shared workspace, internet access, and use of the library and other University services 
will be available.

These scholarship students will be free to travel within New Zealand (at their own 
expense) before, during or after their scholarship work, provided that 400 hours of 
work (over 8 to 10 weeks) is completed.

The deadline for applications is next Thursday, 12th April. 

Each application will need to contain: 
* A short explanation of why the student is making the application (maximum one page) 
* A copy of the student's academic record at university 
* A description of the general area in which the student would like to work (max. one page). 

Applications are likely to be assessed with close reference to the academic record 
of the student and the fit of their research interests with people at Auckland. 

I'm writing this on behalf of the Algebra and Combinatorics group in the Mathematics 
Department at the University of Auckland, which includes the following people who 
have interest and expertise in group theory: 
- Ben Martin 
- Dimitri Leemans 
- Eamonn O'Brien 
- Jianbei An 
- Marston Conder . 

A selection of possible topics can be found at the website

All of us except Dimitri are likely to be available for a substantial part of the period 
mid-June to late August.  Please note that the period June to August is winter in 
New Zealand, and winter weather in Auckland is relatively mild (i.e. with no snow 
and only occasional frost at night), but it can be quite damp. 

If you have a bright student who might be interested in this or benefit from it (in your 
opinion), please let one of us know, and we can provide further (minor) details about 
the application process. 

Thanks & best wishes
Marston Conder

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