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Summer School 2015

To add to David's announcement as the Director, I would like to add a big thank you to David Easdown for running the Summer School both this year an in previous years. David has run the Summer School for the last three years. This was on top of his duties as the First Year Director and I think that David has visibly improved the Summer School in the process.

On behalf of the entire School I warmly thank David for all of his hard work as Director of the Summer School.

Finally, I would like to join David in thanking Natalie Aisbett, Clinton Boys, Alex Chalmers, Ting-Ying Chang, Chamreun Cheen , Andrew Crisp, Sanjaya Dissanayake, Les Farnell, Bill Gibson, James Gregory, Bruce Janson, Lucy Kennedy, Muralee Krish, Steven Luu, John Maclean, John Mitry, Jack Moon, Sonia Morr, Leah Neves, Van Nguyen, George Papadopoulos, Geoff Phillips, Tom Porter, Brad Roberts, Chris Thornett, Jakub Tomczyk, William Tong, Fernando Viera, Di Warren, Gareth White, Joachim Worthington, Chong You, Yinan Zhang and Collin Zheng for helping to make the Summer School a success.


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