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Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory School

THE	ICTP-NLAGA SCHOOL in Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory 
will take place in 
from the 
				4th June-14th June 2014. 

Minicourses will be given by: 
			Alves, Bonatti, Buczolich, Luzzatto, Viana. 

They will be challenging courses aimed at Master’s or Beginning PhD level,
thus only a strong general mathematical background will be assumed. 

This school is open to students from EVERY COUNTRY. 
It is a great opportunity for students from developing countries 
but also for students from all other countries to experience Africa 
and participate in a top level school in a very international context. 
While priority for funding will be given to students from developing countries, 
funding is also available for students from developed countries. 

Please distribute this message and encourage your students to apply. 

Information and online application form from the ICTP website


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