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Deadline Extended: Call for submissions to the Mathematical Sciences Decadal Plan

Dear All

The deadline for submissions has been extended to 30 April 2013.

I am writing to give you an update on the Mathematical Sciences Decadal Plan and to invite you to make a submission on themes identified by the Steering Committee for the Decadal Plan. Submissions may be made through the web site for the Decadal Plan; please have a look at and click on Submissions.

I would be grateful if you would let any other interested people know about this site and our call for submissions. Submissions for this phase end on 31 March 2013.

Many steps have been taken over the past 6 months. Rather than overwhelm this scnews item with all the details, I have provided links here to three articles I wrote for the Gazette of the Australian Mathematical Society in 2012, which contain all the updates so far:

(While members of AustMS may have already read them, there are others who may not have been aware of these.) Please feel free to circulate them and don't hesitate to let me know if you would like to have further information on any of the developments.

Kind regards

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