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ARC Linkage Success

Congratulations to Associate Professor Holger Dullin on securing an ARC Linkage Grant
with the NSW Institute of Sport on "Bodies in Space" 

Investigators: A/Prof Holger R Dullin, Dr Peter J Sinclair, Dr Surya Singh, Dr Damien M

Project summary: 

By investigating how a change in shape of the human body can produce a change in spatial
orientation, the project will bring a fundamental advance of knowledge in the
intersection of applied mathematics, sports science and mechanical engineering.  These
knowledge advances will lead to a novel theory regarding the control of the aerial
dynamics of athletes, specifically springboard and platform divers.  When applied in
collaboration with world class Australian athletes, this theory will result in
innovative platform and springboard diving techniques and improved performance.  The
reach of new insights generated by this work extends to many other fields, including
robotics, spacecraft dynamics and nano technology.  

The grant provides $165,000 support over 3 years.

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