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Calendar1: 25 Feb 2016 1000-1800
CalLoc1: AGR
CalTitle1: Spectral methods pop-up workshop
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Spectral methods pop-up workshop, 25 Feb, AGR

We are having a pop-up workshop this Thursday, 25 Feb in the AGR on spectral methods and
applications.  Please feel free to come along to any/all of the talks.  

10:00 Keaton Burns, MIT, Multivariate Chebyshev Discretizations of Incompressible

10:45 Daniel Lecoanet, U.  Berkeley, Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in Spectral and
Godunov Codes 

11:30 Sheehan Olver, U.  Sydney, Banded Spectral Methods for Singular Integral and
Fractional Differential Equations 

14:00 Alex Townsend, MIT, Beyond Chebyshev Technology 

14:45 Geoff Vasil, U.  Sydney, Geometric-Algebraic Aspects of Spectral Numerical Methods 

15:30 Marcus Webb, U.  Cambridge, Jacobi Operators, Conversion Matrices and Toeplitz

16:15 Discussion

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